Digitization and digital transformation

Grants and subsidies

Within its subsidy schemes, the European Union provides significant support for cyber security and the digital transformation of society. Innovative and digital vouchers (call to be opened in 3Q/2023); Digital Europe, the Digital Slovakia component within the Recovery Plan (up to EUR 615 million in total) and the so-called European Cyber Shield, within which 7 challenges with a total financial allocation of up to 184 mil. are expected in the coming months. EUR.

Legal Services

Life in the 21st century is closely related to technological progress, automation and digitization manifested in all areas of life. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we have retreated to our homes and the whole society has become more dependent on the use of digital technologies than ever before. The pandemic of the Covid-19 has thus highlighted the importance of technology in our lives and deepened the need for digitization. Digitization can be defined as process automation facilitating and making work productivity more efficient. Even the field of law has not remained untouched by digitization.

Law firm Hronček & Partners, s. r. o. provides complex legal services in the search for solutions in relation to the digital transformation of the company - electronic signing, acceptance of documents, business conditions, HR agenda and other agendas, overall legal compliance of application problems within the framework of digital transformation and process automation.

Automation of processes

Digital transformation signs a trend where repetitive activities are gradually replaced by automated processes. This goal, once unattainable for companies and companies, has become financially accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises, not just corporations, in recent years.

Cyber security

Protection against cyber threats is an important trend and one of the priorities of the EU in the 21st century. The EU is coming up with a new directive on cyber security, the so-called NIS2. The directive expands the list of basic services, which will increase the number of subjects that will be mandatorily regulated by it.

Data protection and privacy

Ensure GDPR compliance within the automation of your processes. The thorough automation of processes also includes the implementation and setting of processes in accordance with the GDPR through a responsible person who ensures the comprehensive security of personal data at the operator.

Digitization and digital transformation

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